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DIY: Wall Art

Decorating is in full swing at the new Uptown apartment! This past weekend included a very fun trip to Michael’s for some craft supplies. I was worried for my wallet, but luckily they had a great sale going on and we were able to get a bunch of things for the apartment for about $50. Plus I had a $25 gift card left over from my birthday (thanks Mom!) so all in all, not that expensive!

While in the store, we discovered these super cute unpainted wooden frames for about $7 each. BTW, The unpainted wood area of Michael’s is just a plethora of DIY projects waiting to happen – so many more projects will be born there!

Ok so here are the frames we purchased plus two smaller ones…

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.07.14 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.06.40 PM

What we did next is the easiest thing in the world. We painted!

Each frame got it’s own color, and just one coat of paint. It only took about an hour for them to dry completely.

painted-frame    drying-frames

…then Voila! Instant wall art!  We’re really digging the empty frame look too, it’s kind of quirky, but I guess that’s just the kind of girls we are!



DIY: Plastic Storage Drawers Makeover

This past weekend, I moved into my new apartment in Uptown, Minneapolis! Moving was quite hectic and very expensive. I found myself in dire need of a bedside table, but without the desire to actually spend money on it. I already had this set of cheap plastic drawers so I thought I would find a way to give them a little makeover to make them work as a cute side-table. The solution? Pretty paper!


The paper hides the clutter inside the drawers and it gives my new bedroom a pop of color and pattern. This didn’t take long at all and it was so much less expensive than buying something new!

Here’s how you can recreate the look!


1. Measure each drawer and cut a piece of colored paper to fit.

2. Use the clear tape – or any other type of adhesive you have on hand to secure the paper to the front of the drawer. I used a piece on each side and then two more to secure it to the bottom so it would sit flat against the front.


3. Repeat for each drawer and that’s it!

See? Super easy and very inexpensive! Now I have a side-table that matches my room/ style perfectly and I have a side table with a ton of storage!